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Essay on Law Systems

September 1st, 2009 No comments

There are two main law systems in the world: Common Law System and Civil Law System. Common Law System is established and developed from England, and most of the British colonized countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and a majority of states in USA inherited it. Civil Law System, on the contrary, came from France and Dutch. The main difference between these two Legal Systems is their trial methods, the adversary system is used in Common Law System and Civil Law System takes the inquisitorial system.

In simple words, the adversary system is a dispute; on the other hand, the inquisitorial system is an inquiry. For example, the judges’ role is quite dissimilar in the two trial methods, under the adversary system, the judges act as a truth checker, his duty is to ascertain the evidence which provided by the parties, and according to the related law, make a decision beyond the ready evidence. However, magistrates in the inquisitorial system have to get the evidence by themselves or from the appointed departments, to some extent, they have more power than the judges in the adversary system, they are able to control the whole trial method. As two trial methods exist in the same world, it can not be avoid being compared with each other, in my point of view, the adversary system is more efficient. Read more…