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Essay on Health Law

August 7th, 2009 No comments

Health Law deals with regulatory law applicable to healthcare providers, third party payors, and those that provide or pay for health care. Health Law Attorneys assist clients who need legal representation on matters concerning health care. Examples include the representation of physicians, hospitals, physicians groups, nursing homes and health care providers on matters relating to medical malpractice, risk management, peer review boards, Medicare fraud and abuse, health care employment issues and provider regulation. The experienced health lawyer has in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and the laws and regulations that affect it.

During the course of this semester, we outlined and discussed the major problems and aspects surfacing healthcare through law. This brief review will explain and summarize the in-depth chapters of the book in which we presented in this course. These chapters discussed are chapter 1, Introduction to the American Legal System, chapter 2, Legal Structure of Health Care Organization, chapter 3, Licensing, Regulation, and Accreditation, chapter 6, Criminal Law and Civil Penalties, chapter 8, Medical Staff, chapter 10, Tort Liability and Malpractice, chapter 11, Relationship with the Patient, chapter 12, Treatment Authorization and refusal, chapter 13, Health Care Information, and finally chapter 15, Death and Dead Bodies. Read more…