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Sample Essay: Too Easy to Become a Lawyer?

January 27th, 2016

lawyerLaw is an incredibly interesting subject and if you have already made a decision to settle into the life of a law student, make sure you know very well what you’re signing up for. Whilst we all have probably heard about how challenging the academic life in law schools is, whether from the movies, pals or family members, the most recent researches bring light to a particularly new trend. Some of the experts suggest that getting into the law classes is easier nowadays than it’s been before. There are a lot of stories out there from the humble ones to the most unreal.

Fewer Students Apply to the Law Schools

Experts inform that nowadays the number of students, who enter law schools, is rapidly declining. As shown by the representatives of the University of Saint Thomas School of Law, in 2014 the number of students, who matriculated law educational establishments, was the smallest since 1987. Besides, it was mentioned that there was a 7% decline from 2013.

In 2015 law schools keep getting less hooking for the school graduates, with educational establishments receiving 6.7% less applications than they did last year, as was reported by the Law School Admission Council. What is more, the number of students, who are going to apply for the legal education, has also dropped, by 4.7%, experts report. In case the pace keeps going as it did in 2014, the number of young people, who applied to the law educational establishments for the Fall of 2015 semester will most likely hit the lowest level possible.

Passing Bar Is Too Low

As the number of students, who make decision to go to the law schools, drops day by day, law educational establishments tend to compete for the young people with low undergraduate grades. In other words, these schools are ready to accept students the other schools would never touch and so it gets too easy to become a lawyer. The lucky students are provided with an opportunity to enter classes they’ve been dreaming about, but they’re not able to pass the bar exam. So, the question is – are these law schools ready to what will happen then? In order to handle the new sad reality, the representatives of the law schools have arrived at a range of innovative tactics that will attract more students to their classrooms.

Although everything mentioned above can make you think it’s almost too easy to become a lawyer and immediately rush to the local law school to submit your application, it’s better for you to get more information regarding how the things actually go. A lot of individuals, who are young, naive and full of surrealistic expectations should be aware of the fact that being a law school student is demanding and challenging. Sky high prices of law books, rapid decline in the number of training contracts among the firms and corporations, a lot of reading – all these points and many others make the prospect of becoming a law school student less dreamy and desirable.

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