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Unveiling the 4 Myths about Law Education

March 12th, 2017 Comments off

law educationLegal profession binds together different professions, such as lawyer, prosecutor, judge, investigator, legal advisor, notary, international lawyer – all of the above mentioned are experts in one of the areas of law. Skilled experts in a law sphere are always in demand, that is why legal education is a must these days and a lot of people are striving for becoming professionals in the legal sphere. But there are a couple of myths that may dissuade you from choosing legal education.

1. Law education is very expensive

There are both schools that provide expensive and cheap law education and it depends on your budget and possibilities. But even if you pay a big sum it is the investment in yourself that will give you good education and rich knowledge. Legal profession is considered prestigious and lawyers are well respected and have many advantages in society, that is why all you pay for is not in vain.

2. Law education is for everyone

Legal education and law in general are suitable for morally stable people and not everyone. After all, lawyers are always under both psychological and physical pressure. At the same time a high level of intelligence and broad-based knowledge are needed. People of such professions must think clearly and need to quickly make logical decisions. Another fundamental quality for those who want to be engrossed in law are honesty and integrity as only such people are able to provide order and justice for the state.

3. Law education is all that you need

Visiting the lectures and seminars is not enough. Choosing this type of education and legal sphere in general you should be prepared for the fact that to become a demanding professional, you need to constantly improve your qualification, enrich your knowledge and be ready for the continuous trainings. It is needless to think that the work of a lawyer is very easy and knowing a few laws and important documents is enough. Legislation is constantly changing and you need to constantly monitor and adapt to these changes, such as abolition of laws and regulations, adoption of new ones.

4. Law education doesn’t have a wide range of professions

After the graduation you will face the problem of the job search. Experts in legal sphere have a great career opportunity and various spheres to work at. Another advantage of legal profession and law education is that with the legal background, you can go to work anywhere – prosecutor’s office, courts, lawyers and notaries offices, small and large business, police, registry offices, banks, institutions, schools, you can easily change the scope of activities. Most of the leading and well-paid job countries require legal education. Due to studious work you can grow up to the Attorney General or the judge of the tribunal. To this end, it is important to have an impeccable reputation, successful high-profile cases and make a lot of effort. It is recommended to stick to the rule “Festina lente”.

All in all, legal education requires constant self-education and self-improvement. But the end justifies the means.

4 Laws of Legal Writing Every Lawyer Should Know

December 9th, 2016 Comments off

Legal language acts as a carrier of information and as means of influence on people. Lawyers draft the laws, conduct business correspondence, write interrogation protocols and other regulations, indictments, claims, judgments, treaties, agreements, applications and complaints due to the use of legal writing language. In legal writing practice we can encounter the texts where it is needed to stick to strict formal writing regulations (certificates, acts), but there are other text types that are written in a more free form. Below you may find four legal writing rules every lawyer should know.

1 Be Persuasive and Argumentative

Every legal writing should be presented in a persuasive way, so it must be not only a competent text, but also a reasoned and argumentative one. The main aim is to convince the reader or the listener. The written, information must be clear, as clarity of expression promotes the persuasion. For a lawyer the ability to speak eloquently and write literary quality papers is a must. Not depending on the communicative role, whether the lawyer is making the bills, carrying out the investigation, delivering a verdict, protecting the rights of the defendants, the main task of such a professional is to explain the rule of law to every citizen. Lawyers deal with a variety of life cases on a daily basis, they need to correctly assess situation, take right decision and convince those who addressed them in the correctness of their point of view. Below

2 Mind the Legal Writing Components

There are three legal writing components that are to be taken into consideration while compiling a legal writing text.

  • First, logic (data – analysis – conclusion), you need to follow the compliance with the laws of logic while presenting the material.
  • Second, objectiveness (scientific facts), argumentativeness and reasonableness, built on facts and special requirements for the selection of words that should provide understanding and clarity of the text.
  • Third component is generalization, standardization and consistency.

3 Use Plain Language

Everything in legal writing must be presented in the most clear, precise, simple and compact way. Therefore, speaking about legal language we often talk about the simplicity of style. Use of metaphors, idiomatic expressions and complex constructions are not appropriate. Legal writings, except for academic papers are written in an official-business style. Consequently, such papers have distinctive features, their “technique” is not typical or even acceptable for other stylistic genres.

4 Use the Right Terminology

There are three types of terms which can be used in legal writing: common, technical and legal. However, despite this diversity, terminology must be clear to the addressee and adequately reflect certain concepts. There are a lot of state expressions known as “legal formulae” in legal writing, such as: make a deal, in accordance with the law, provisions of this agreement, heir to the law, divorce, preventive measures. There are many other expressions of this type, they are easily remembered and are widely used in legal sphere.

Legal writing rules are very important for every lawyer, they are used in the course of investigation and during court hearings, in the course of negotiations and business meetings with the clients, it greatly contributes to mutual exchange of ideas and thoughts.

Gun Laws in the US

November 4th, 2015 Comments off

gun tumblrAll the gun laws that are passed in the United States of America are required to first of all regulate the process of sale, the possession time, as well as the exploitation of the guns and all related ammunition.

Each of the USA gun laws, including the laws passed in Washington, D.C., differs from one another considerably. What is more, the state laws are independent in their existence, which means some of them are more limited, while the others are broader in their nature than the federal ones. For example, some of the states set a range of the bans regarding the assault weapon. These bans are pretty similar to the one that has already expired – the ban of the federal assault weapons.

It’s worth noting that the laws of the US state level may vary greatly in their content, form as well as the number of restrictions. For instance, 44 united states have a special condition in the constitutions that goes parallel to the USA Constitution 2nd Amendment. The latter is known to keep under protection both – keeping and bearing the guns. However, there are several exceptions here. For instance, the following American states – Iowa, New Jersey, California, New York and Maryland – are the exception to the rule. Nevertheless, the New York statutory civil rights laws package includes a special condition that is virtually similar to the USA 2nd Amendment. In addition to that, the Supreme Court of the United States of America held in the landmark decision McDonald v. Chicago that the 2nd Amendment protections to both – keep and bear guns in the house, apply against the political subdivision and the governments of the state.

The owners of the guns are subject to the firearm laws in every separate state they belong to. Certain reciprocity between the American states occurs in some situations like the ones that are related to the concealed carry permits. They’re accepted one the state-by-state basis. Let’s say, the state Oregon government decides to recognize Idaho permit, but the fact is that Idaho doesn’t recognize the permit made within the state Oregon. In Florida, the local government issues a special license to carry firearms and concealed weapons, while the other states permit only the firearms concealed carry. Some of the American states don’t recognize the permits that come out of the state to carry the firearms. What is all comes down to is that it is highly crucial to be aware of all the states’ laws within the country when you make a decision to travel the USA with a gun in your pocket.

Very often, the firearms laws of the American states can be significantly less limiting than the ones of the federal firearms. Just make sure to pay attention to the details of the USA gun regulations since in every state they can be incredibly specific. Besides, most of the states don’t require individuals to report of the lost guns.

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How to Write a Good Research Proposal for a Law Paper

August 27th, 2015 Comments off

data entryOnce you’re at the research proposal writing stage, it’s good to keep in mind that the process requires the author to be familiar with the methodology of research as well as legal method course. The research proposal for the law paper should be submitted to the university supervisors within the set deadline – make sure to meet one.

First thing to remember is that the law research proposal must include not more than 2500 words. But this number does not include bibliography and footnotes. The cover page must include the title, name, registration, completion year, word count, supervisor’s name and the date.

As soon as you have the topic of the research proposal, allow yourself enough time to identify the specific problem that you will be researching though stating an overall question. The topic could be the broad segment of law, but make sure to choose the one that is related to the area you like best.

As for the proposal structure, there is no guidance regarding the format of proposal, as well as how its content should look like. Typically, it’s the supervisor that decides in what order the Research Methodology and theoretical part should be placed.

A law paper proposal may include either background or intro, or both. This will depend on your supervisor’s way of thinking. But the typical thing about this part is that it sets out a broad, but hooking start to the area of research being performed. As a rule, it is not long, but it includes catchy information that presents your topic to the readers. For example, the intro of the research proposal of the law paper may look like this: ‘Article 51 of the United Nations Charter reveals that an armed attack originally comes from the other American state. However, the state practice proved that there were special cases, when the attacks were justified by the states on the territory of the other in the name of self-defence, when this very attack was caused by a non-state actor. It is necessary to mention that customary and treaty international law recognize the right of the state to take some measures to stop the danger that has been posed to the citizens and the state.’

The law paper research proposal requires you to state the problem you work on. It usually includes a concise matter that has arisen in a certain context and consequently must be properly investigated and the right solution recommended at the end. To cut the story, what you are about to research is what you have to describe in this part.  Take a look at the following example: ‘The problem that comes up lies in whether the self-defence right should be exercised legally in the event of the armed attack that happened against the American state by a non-state actor. That is, the problem is whether the American state should be responsible for the international law on regard to the armed attacks by the non-state actor working form its own region and thus become the object of the retaliatory attack by the victim territory in exercise of the self-defense right.’

It is recommended to limit your research proposal to a single legal question. The following questions may serve as an example for your own project: What do we call ‘the armed attack’? Does the Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations consider an attack by the non-state actors as the armed attack? Does the attack made by the non-state actors relate to the armed attack? Make sure to choose one of the alternative research questions or work out your own.

Research Paper on Legal Consequences of Plagiarism

July 8th, 2015 Comments off

thief illustrationWhen the question is about the plagiarism consequences, they can be professional, personal, legal and ethical. When assigned with the task to complete a research paper about the consequences of plagiarism, make sure to focus on each type of plagiarism within the body of the project.

When working on the introductive section, remember that it should not exceed two pages. The purpose of this segment of the paper is to inform your readers on the rationale behind the project, with the intention to later expand on it. Thus, your reader will have an opportunity to understand as well as appreciate all of your objectives.

This is the time, when you’re supposed to be working on the body of the research paper. Begin your research paper with the statement that plagiarists can include not only students, but also experienced professionals, academics, journalists, authors and many others. However, with the special plagiarism detection systems that are nowadays available for free use, all plagiarists can be caught at an alarming rate.

Start investigating the consequences of plagiarism, one after another. The very first legal consequence of plagiarism is destroyed student’s reputation. Once the student is accused of plagiarism, he can be suspended or even expelled. Plagiarism allegations can probably cause the student to switch from one college to the other. The thing is that colleges, high schools and the other educational establishments are very strict when the question related to plagiarism. A lot of schools make sure to suspend students for the very first violation.

Make sure to mention that not only student’s reputation, but also the name of a business person can be blackened. A public figure may face with the fact that plagiarism will be there in his or her career for good. Include the possible consequences for the representatives of business area. These may be getting fired from the present position as well as problems with finding a new respectable job.

The other type or legal consequences of plagiarism are related to the completely destroyed academic reputation.  Once the academic career is scarred with any kind of plagiarism allegations, it may be ruined. Taking into account that publishing is an integral part of a successful academic career, make sure to search for the famous persons who have lost the ability to publish due to the plagiarism allegations.

The other chapter of the research paper on the topic should include legal percussions of plagiarism. They can be pretty serious. Make sure to state that people are not allowed to use another person’s written material without proper reference or citation. Search for the related laws to support your statements.

A highly egregious type of plagiarism that should be mentioned within the paper is the plagiarized research. In case the research is performed within the medical area, the plagiarism consequences can mean the loss of lives of the others.

Before you write the research paper about the plagiarism consequences, make sure to learn about plagiarism itself. Find out what exactly constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it.

How you can choose the topics for Business Law Papers?

May 20th, 2013 Comments off

It is a fact that many students across the globe find it very hard to write term papers. This is particularly true for law students who lack the necessary writing skills, time and experience. To the contrary, writing business law papers should be very easy considering the fact that the legal sphere has many categories including business criminal law paper topics that you can write about. You can also choose to write on such other topics as insurance legislations and company incorporation among other topics.

Although there are several topics you can write on, there are certainly those that are not only popular but also very interesting to write about and contract law is just one of them. One of the most interesting contract law sub topics you can choose to work on is breach of contract. It is interesting considering the fact that it gives you the opportunity to cite and bring out peculiarities on some of the re-known suits that have in the past been filed in courts of law.

One of the most attractive business criminal law paper topics you can choose to write on is intellectual property law. Its attractiveness stems from the fact that it is one of the most common areas in business legal circles. Furthermore, it is an international law that lets you address such issues as trademark infringement, copyright law and trade secrets amongst others.

Tort law is part of business law that you may also consider writing on. Like other categories of business law, there are varied topics you can write about. Such include workplace injuries and workplace pollution among other sub-topics. Like with writing other business law papers, writing about Tort law give you the opportunity to make use of some of the re-known sites.

Generally, there are very many business criminal law paper topics that you can write on for your term paper. Unlike other fields, writing on business law should never be boring or difficult.

Business Law Research Paper

December 21st, 2012 Comments off

Business or Corporate Law is one of the most popular subjects amongst law students and is thus an extremely competitive course in the ever competitive world we live in. While writing your Business Law research paper, it is very important to stand out amongst your peers and one of the easiest ways to do that is to write a top quality Law research paper. However, the problem with writing one is that it requires a lot of hard work and dedication on your part to go through the meticulous process of writing a research paper. Right from brainstorming to reviewing of articles and case studies, including the application of business law theories to practical situations, the entire process can be arduous sometimes.
Our professional writing service offers to help you through the task of writing a Business law research paper or for that matter any law research paper. You can choose one of the several unique topics that we have available, so that you can get started and thus save you days at the library that you might have spent just looking for a topic. We also offer professional writers to help write the essay for you. As such, you are guaranteed a top quality law research paper that is written by one of the top professionals with an in-depth knowledge on historical as well as the current ever-changing laws in the country. By opting for our service, you are transferring the load of burden that is your law research onto our shoulders and we willingly oblige to take on your burden. We know that university education is no walk in the park and as such willingly want to help out students who are facing a time crunch to complete the constant bombardment of university assignments.

How to Find the Best Business Law Papers

November 16th, 2012 Comments off

There are numerous locations on the Internet where you can find perfectly usable academic papers on law. However, the uses for them may vary, and if you need a ready-made text to hand in as your own work, using an essay found on the Web may not be the brightest idea.

Even schoolteachers are well aware of the sites where one can find all kinds of texts on all kinds of topics. The creation of anti-plagiarism software has turned into profitable business and even the aforementioned teachers use it nowadays. Thus, if you need a piece of writing on business law paper topics, it will be a wrong decision to simply download an essay you like and try to use it as your own.

The better use for it by far is to download it and look at it as an example of how such work is supposed to be done, to understand how to write a paper outline using a ready-made article. It is truly said that one example is better than a hundred explanations – it immediately gives you an opportunity to understand how this or that text is constructed and according to what rules you have to write your own essays.

Although business law papers taken from online repositories shouldn’t be used without changes (it is in your own interests to avoid doing it), they may be really helpful if you don’t know how to write the text of this or that kind.

The best texts on business law paper topics can be found on sites offering guidance and assistance in economics-based academic writing. The services that offer texts on all subjects without specializing in anything in particular should be avoided – chances are, their creators don’t pay much attention to actual content.

An Easy Way to Write a Thesis Research Paper

October 1st, 2012 Comments off

Every person setting about to write a thesis is faced with one and the same problem – what will be the topic of his or her work? Of course, some people have a certain idea concerning this even before they start working, and ideally you should have decided what you are going to write about long before the issue becomes urgent. In reality, however, such cases are rather rare.

So, for example, you face innumerable international law paper topics and don’t know which one to choose. It is a rather usual situation for everyone who starts working on some large project that is very important for his or her future: which topic is the best, which one will allow you to take advantage of your abilities and knowledge most effectively? It doesn’t matter whether you work on international law or, for example, business law paper topics, or some other discipline entirely; the best topic is always the one you can relate to. Not even necessarily the topic you know well, because sometimes you have to study things you don’t care about. If you know something but isn’t interested in it, try looking for something else.

And vice versa – if you have always been fascinated by one of international law paper topics but didn’t have an opportunity to learn much about it, it may be a good time to remove this gap in your knowledge. The fact that you will do it with pleasure will be a nice bonus. The same goes for any other field of knowledge, for example, business law paper topics. Being interested in what you write about is generally better than to know a lot about it. However, if you cannot think about anything you are genuinely interested in, go for the topic you have already mastered.

If you cannot have what is best, second best is almost as good.

The Complete Guide to Business Law Paper Writing

September 20th, 2012 Comments off

Commonly, research papers on business law involve maximum 3500 words or 10 pages. In order to generate the finest quality business law paper you have to stick to the basic writing steps give below. Here you’re going to find every essential step you, as the business law paper author, should be aware of.

Business Law Paper Table of Contents

In this section you’re required to create a list of all the sections and their headings that go along with the subsections and sub-headings. Make sure to place page numbers.


All research papers are supposed to have an opening paragraph, where you’re required to include the following points:

  • A short & simple explanation of law research paper problem
  • Key aim of your project
  • List of questions you’re going to answer in the paper context
  • Current research outline
  • Relevance level of the topic of the paper
  • The process of research

An introductive part of the business law term paper aims to make your readers well-aware of the main topic and hook their interest to read the paper further.

The Body

Here comes the longest part of the paper. Make sure to plan it properly to provide (sub) sections. Use every section to state a main argument, point or appropriate info. Now you’re about to work out the argument but make certain to do that in as comprehensible way. In-text citation is what you’ll have to deal with. That is why use it properly if you are going to quote some content from journal, book, etc.

Main body of the business law paper should also include the next aspects:

  • Explanation of primary literature information
  • Methodological problems
  • Research status at the moment
  • Author’s (yours) personal point of view


In the conclusion segment of your business law paper, make sure restate the problem you have posed throughout your project and give clear explanations on the results you’ve succeeded to come to in your research. Give a short summary of all the interpretations and observations. Provide your reader with the whole scope of information on the limitations and strengths of research you have conducted. Perhaps you’ve got suggestions for future work – share them too!