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Writing in Criminology: Why is Quality Important

March 23rd, 2016

why is quality important

If your dream career is focused on the area of criminology and criminal justice, apart from being highly interested in human nature and objectively analyzing evidence, you should have excellent writing skills. No matter what your specific criminology field is, written communication is among the most required skills. The use of written language can be traced everywhere: criminologists issue proposals, produce reports and written records on the findings. Here are a few good points regarding why criminology students must enhance their writing skills in order to be more effective in their future career:

  • First Impression Matters

A poorly produced report will demonstrate your inability to cope with the work and low level of intelligence. Moreover, it will leave someone with a bad impression of your dedication. In other words, a poorly completed report on the case will prove the absence of your interest in taking the time to do a good report.

Unwanted Consequences

In case with the criminology materials, a poorly organized and written report can mean the difference between a murderer going free and being put into jail. As a rule, all arrest documents are being declined by the district and state attorneys due to the errors or in case the documents look like written by a four year old kid. Don’t give anyone a chance to question your professionalism, work on your writing skills!

  • Effective Communication Is Vital to Success

Writing skills of high level are crucial to reaching the goal of voluntary compliance with the law. As future criminology workers, students have to already learn how to articulate their reasoning and actions to the public to maintain their support once they’re in the criminal justice world. The point is that the very first resource the media outlets tend to look at when an incident occurs is the reports generated by the police. Without knowing how to effectively highlight the details of the case you won’t be able to present your research and findings in order to persuade the others.

  • Ability to Avoid the Court Attend

A report that includes all aspects of the case and has a cohesive structure does not only demonstrate your ability to professionally communicate in a written form. In addition to that, it actually helps you to avoid having to attend the court. If there are no errors or misunderstandings in the report, and it leaves no space for questions in general, the counsel may not call the officer into the court. 

  • An Open Door to the Writing Career in Criminal Justice

It seems like people have always been hooked to the areas like crime and punishment. That is why writing about the experiences in the criminal justice world is a perfect gateway for the students who would like to boost their writing skills on a particular matter.    

To sum up, in every instance of the criminology, the ability to professionally write is one of the vital skills. In order to get the desired position, you need to start enhancing your written language long before you graduate.

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