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6 US Funny Laws That Should Be Treated Seriously

July 29th, 2017

funny-lawsThere are a lot of laws in America that sound ridiculous at first. However, not all these laws were passed for absolutely no good reason. Sometimes the law itself originally came to be for very legitimate, practical purposes. Just consider the following examples:

1. It’s Against the Law to Sell Your Eyeballs in Texas

Yes, Texas technically outlaws the black market sale of one’s eyeballs. What people often don’t realize is that this law actually applies to the black market sale or purchase of any major organs. Although it’s highly unlikely that anyone would ever think to sell their eyeballs, because they are organs of the body, they’re included in the law.

2. You Can’t Hunt Camel in Nevada

This definitely seems like an odd law to keep in place. After all, how likely is it that people will hunt camel in Nevada when that particular animal is by no means native to the state?

The truth is, some facilities in the state used to house camels for military training exercises. When some of the animals got lost, it was necessary to create a law protecting them.

3. It’s Illegal to Host a Bear Wrestling Match in Alabama

Ridiculous as it may sound, this law remained on the books for a very simple reason: bear wrestling used to be a fairly common occurrence in Alabama. People saw it as a fun, entertaining way to test out their strengths. However, lawmakers decided that the practice was unsafe for participants and cruel to the animals involved.

4. Hunting Bigfoot Is Illegal in Washington

This is yet another strange law that actually came about as a result of genuine public concern. After the release of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, which allegedly depicts Bigfoot, people flocked to the area where it was shot, intent on catching a glimpse of the monster.

Some of those people brought along firearms. With too many gun-toting outsiders creating dangerous situations for residents of the area, the local authorities decided to outlaw Bigfoot hunting.

5. You Can Get Arrested for Riding a Horse While Drunk in Colorado

This is one of those leftover laws that occasionally still gets enforced. The law originally came about back during the frontier days, when a lot more people were riding around on horseback in the first place. However, some people still try to use this method of transportation, and it’s easy to see how trying to ride a horse while you’re intoxicated can lead to a dangerous situation.

6. It’s Illegal to Use Profane Language in Front of a Child Under 14 in Georgia

Although it’s possible to argue that this law violates a free speech, it was intended in part to prevent older adolescents from targeting younger kids with sexually harassing language.

There are plenty of laws still on the books that represent outdated ways of thinking. Most of the time, local governments have simply never gotten around to removing them. However, in some cases, these laws exist for completely legitimate reasons.

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