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How to easily write a good article review

January 18th, 2012

The first step towards writing a good article review is to keep the reader of the article review in mind and asking oneself what the reader would want to know about the source that you are writing an article review about. Even if you manage to craft the wittiest prose combined with the cleverest of all metaphors without considering what the reader wants to know about the source, you would have still failed in your job as a reviewer. You must also know the subject matter of the article review well because it is this knowledge that will help you to decide on the overall basic opinion of the article review. Once you find the perfect framework for your article review, you should base every things else in the article review on that framework. One other thing that can turn your article review into a perfect one is your editing of the article review after you are done writing it. You should always be thorough about your editing even if this requires overhauling the whole article review that you have written. As you write your article review, you should  remember that your readers will not think that the article you are writing an article review about is a great read because of a single positive comment that you make about the book in your movie review; you have to illustrate in your article writing that the book has all the cogs in the machine before you can convince your reader that the article review is great. The other thing is that you should never write about yourself.

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