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International Law Paper Topics

July 26th, 2011

Usually students start panic when they hear the word combination ‘international law’. The most difficult part of international law paper writing is finding solid and attention grabbing topics to write on. Be in employment law paper, business law papers or environmental law paper topics, you still need to find enough information to fill the pages required by the tutor. Luckily, business law provides you with a great variety of topics to work on, from intellectual property law to contract law. Business involves the company formation, employee and commerce regulations, insurance regulations. Once you narrow your topic down to some particular subheading, you will see that there’s a lot of material to build your paper on.

If you have to deal with business law papers you may write your paper on the following areas:

1. Contact law

· Contract breach

The business segment that can be broken down into categories is contract law. You may put down the outcomes of the breach of a contract such as misrepresentation, adhesion contract, duress and fraud. You may include some famous cases into your projects. For instance, the Sondra Locke v. Warner Brothers case. In this situation Warner Brothers was sued by Locke for breach of contract. But Locke failed to act legally.

2. Tort law

· Work vehicles accidents

The tort law areas can include different slips/falls at work, work vehicles accidents, nuisances (for instance, nuisance such as business emitting noise or pollution, and manufacturers fail to guarantee a duty of care to all the consumers. Among the most famous tort law cases one may single out Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company. In this court case Ford was sued by Grimshaw under product liability for the reason that Ford Pinto due to its design was prone to catching on fire when hit from the rear.

3. Law on intellectual property

· Infringement of trademark

One of the business law areas is law on intellectual property. A couple of decades ago this law did not exist but still, now you’ve got a lot of interesting topics to write on infringement of trademark, trade secrets and copyright laws. Different newspapers achieves, journals and TV programs can provide you with a huge deal of cases.

If your task is to generate high quality employment law paper, Internet pages are swarmed with many topics. To make the process of finding the topic easier, we have provided the most popular one ‘Modern Energy Sources vs. Oil Resources’. It will be interesting to debate over the issue that scientist cannot find compromises for. You may explore different options for the further development of new energy sources and oil resources development. Your paper may discuss how important it is to create reliable energy sources that are conductive and safe for the environment saving.

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