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How to Write an Opening Statement for a Court

January 22nd, 2016

opening statement and present a caseWriting an opening statement is an integral part of trial since it provides an attorney with a chance to interact with the jury regarding the client’s case. Make sure that you know how to write an opening statement for a court before you actually do. Typically it comprises an introductive part, a body that tells about the weaknesses and disputes of the case, as well as a conclusive part.

Make sure to plan and understand the basic purposes of your statement. This is your chance to help jurors comprehend your particular case, concentrate on the most important evidence, as well as understand the context. Before you start writing, you have to know what your opening statement should include. First of all, it should provide the jury with a clear picture of the case. Besides, it helps you to get the jury inspecting your story. The point is that in case the jury is getting bored with your case, they will most likely become inattentive during your presentation of evidence.

Know your audience and choose the right tone for them. When the question is about delivering your opening statement on trial, you will be faced with the jury. In order to generate the best quality opening statement, make sure to have enough information about your jurors. Understand the cultural and educational background of your jurors in order to decide what tone will match the audience and make your message easily accessible to each of them.

Work on the introductory remarks. This is the part, where you can get a little aggressive. This will help you to give the jurors a positive impression of your particular case. Start with minor remarks that sum up the case, shed some light on your topic and make sure to get the jurors interested in your message.

Introduce your locations, actors and other important witnesses. When doing so, you will have to make your client seem likeable and real. You must also tell your jury about the most important locations and time frames that are crucial in the trial. Make sure to present all those things as tangible and real as you can since what you need is the jury to believe in your story.

When you’re done with the pivotal points of the case, ensure to tell the jury what is claimed in the complaints. The body of the opening statement reveals what happened from the client’s viewpoint. Make the segment as simple as possible, informing the jury on who did what to whom, why and what are the consequences.

Ensure to draw solid conclusions for the opening statement. Sum up the topic of the case and make sure to correctly approach the jurors for a particular verdict. Feel free to suggest that the evidence adds up to the most desirable outcome. Now that you know how to write an opening statement for court, go ahead and win that case!

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