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Legalization of Same-Sex Marriages Essay

June 30th, 2015

gay marriageWhile a lot of people nowadays tend to shout here and there about the importance of the same sex marriages legalization, it is highly important to stop for a moment and ask ourselves – should the same-sex couples be provided with an opportunity to get married?

There are two basic reasons why legal responsibilities, rights and benefits of a civil marriage shouldn’t be extended to the gay couples.  First of all, these people cannot get married since the relationship they have cannot be called “marriage”. In other words, they don’t fit into what we call the minimum required condition for a typical marriage to exist – i.e. the union of a woman and a man.  And the second point is related to the fact that these relationships are of a harmful nature. What is more, they bring more negative consequences to the society. So, what are the key reasons why the legalization of same-sex marriages should be put off for good?

Same-Sex Marriages Violate the Law of Nature

When we talk about the marriage, the matter does not relate to the relationship between people only. It’s the relationship that is governed by the natural law.  The latter is applied to every human being. According to Saint Paul in Rom. 2:14-15, “the natural law is inscribed on the heart of every man”.

Gay Marriage Creates a Sterile Union

Individuals, who are engaged in same-sex marriages, prevent the birth of children since they compose a so-called “sterile” union. In case one of the partners wants to have a child, he or she should employ a surrogate mother. The natural tendency of this kind of relationship isn’t to “give birth” to new families. Thus, we cannot call it a true marriage as well as give it the benefits of traditional family.

Gay Relationships Offend God

This is probably the most significant reasons above all mentioned above. When a human being violates the moral order of life that was created by almighty God, he or she offends our Creator. Same-sex unions do that. In other words, any person, who loves God, must be against the gay relationships.

Marriage was created for Eve and Adam by God in paradise. The Book of Genesis says the following: “G?d cre?ted m?n in His im?ge; in the Divine im?ge he cre?ted him; m?le and fem?le He cre?ted them. G?d bl?ssed them, s?ying: ‘Be fertile and multiply; fill the e?rth and subdu? it.’” (Gen. 1:28-29)

And finally, the legalization of same-sex marriages imposes its acceptance on the whole community. With the new order and law peculiarities, the public schools are required to teach the acceptance of the gay relationship to kids, while the official establishments will have to punish anyone, who turns to be against it. In any situation, the legalization of same-sex marriages will affect society, which means a lot of people will have to betray their consciences and beliefs and will be faced with the necessity to act against the natural law.

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