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Sample Essay on Corruption: What Are the Main Causes?

January 17th, 2018

According to 2017 Global Corruption Barometer, every 4th person in the world has passed money under the table while using public services during this year. We suppose that this is a solid reason for students to research the question of corruption in an essay, and our sample will help them with that.

Each person can be faced with corruption in the most common places out there: at the doctor’s, where they pay to get a cheaper and more effective prescription (not based on vested interests); at school, where they give a bribe to place a child into a class with a better academic progress; even at the police, where it is sometimes necessary to lay some cash on the top so that someone would take up the case! Of course, in some countries bribery is kept more or less under control, but it was and still is a global problem. And in order to learn how to tackle it properly, it is essential to determine the causes that create a suitable environment for corruption.

The most common reason of bribery in the government sector is the employment situation. Usually, public service workers have low salaries and they are tempted to accept extra payments from simple people just because they need money.

The second equally important cause is the lack of the regulation policy that would specify legal ways of handling and punishing individuals for receiving and giving bribes. This lack is also dictated by the corruption on the higher level of officials for whom it is impractical to control bribery. They receive their retrenchments as well so that they would have enough reasons not to notice what is happening on their doorstep.

The crucial factor of making corruption so widespread is also the perception of this act by the public. The majority considers bribery as a normal state of things and sometimes even praise the fact that someone can get away with it. It means that the government and media don’t highlight the corruption enough or do it improperly. When announcing bribery cases in the news, a great deal of information is concealed, and only the tip of the iceberg is shown to attract more audience.

Of course, there are people who disapprove of corruption. But their number is either very small, or they don’t do anything to change the situation. They, on the contrary, should promote the honest and transparent state of affairs, publicly criticize those who are involved in bribery as well as advocate the ones who refuse to give in to the temptation to earn some extra cash. It is significant to attract the attention of the higher governmental officials (even if they don’t want to participate in it) and make them take action! The more people will fight for this cause, the more responsibility will lie on the shoulders of public sector workers. It is necessary to understand that the problem won’t solve itself until simple people start fighting for justice and transparency.


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