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Sample Thesis Statement

November 24th, 2011

A custom thesis proposal demonstrates that the topic addressed is significant. The outline of a thesis proposal is very similar to that of a scientific paper or a thesis. In fact thesis is usually a buildup of the thesis proposal. The outline of a thesis proposal has a title page which has a short that is self-explanatory. It also shows the author, mentors and the institutions in which they are all based. It also has an abstract whose length is about two hundred and fifty words. It is a summary of the issue to be addressed. The introduction is very important in the thesis proposal it gives a background of the topic. A few sentences then state the sample thesis statement which should be strong, it can take the form of a hypothesis or a general objective. The procedures to be used are also proposed and what methods will be used.

A thesis project also consists of a work plan that foretells the time the research will take place and when it will end. Implications of the research are also stated and recommendations given. All ideas presented in the thesis proposal should be cited as well as data, text and concepts as long as they are from other authors. Including figures in a thesis proposal is key, like the old adage goes “Pictures say more than a thousand words!” They simply explain better and faster that words. Figures also reduce the length of the text yet still pass on what is intended. Grammar and spelling should be close to perfect as such errors distract the reader. The proposal could be given to a friend to proof red in order to minimize errors

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