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The Complete Guide to Business Law Paper Writing

September 20th, 2012

Commonly, research papers on business law involve maximum 3500 words or 10 pages. In order to generate the finest quality business law paper you have to stick to the basic writing steps give below. Here you’re going to find every essential step you, as the business law paper author, should be aware of.

Business Law Paper Table of Contents

In this section you’re required to create a list of all the sections and their headings that go along with the subsections and sub-headings. Make sure to place page numbers.


All research papers are supposed to have an opening paragraph, where you’re required to include the following points:

  • A short & simple explanation of law research paper problem
  • Key aim of your project
  • List of questions you’re going to answer in the paper context
  • Current research outline
  • Relevance level of the topic of the paper
  • The process of research

An introductive part of the business law term paper aims to make your readers well-aware of the main topic and hook their interest to read the paper further.

The Body

Here comes the longest part of the paper. Make sure to plan it properly to provide (sub) sections. Use every section to state a main argument, point or appropriate info. Now you’re about to work out the argument but make certain to do that in as comprehensible way. In-text citation is what you’ll have to deal with. That is why use it properly if you are going to quote some content from journal, book, etc.

Main body of the business law paper should also include the next aspects:

  • Explanation of primary literature information
  • Methodological problems
  • Research status at the moment
  • Author’s (yours) personal point of view


In the conclusion segment of your business law paper, make sure restate the problem you have posed throughout your project and give clear explanations on the results you’ve succeeded to come to in your research. Give a short summary of all the interpretations and observations. Provide your reader with the whole scope of information on the limitations and strengths of research you have conducted. Perhaps you’ve got suggestions for future work – share them too!

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