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Why does law needed?

Picture a world in which men can beat up other men and women, it is ok to kill, and stealing is accepted. If a man could come into your house right now and murder you without punishment the world would be in chaos! This is why we need laws, for the simple reason of keeping society running smoothly. To keep everyone protected, to offer full equality to all, and finally to punish those who disobey.

Safety is just one of the many things that is offered to us by having laws. For one, it gives us a peace of mind. Knowing that you can sleep at night without (for the most part) worrying about being killed or having your house robbed is essential to keeping order in our society. If there were no laws, how can one say that they can go to sleep at night with a peace of mind, knowing that any second now someone could break into their house, steal everything, and not get punished in anyway. That relates to the next job of safety: You are protected for what you have worked hard for and earned. Imagine living in a world where someone could just claim something that is yours as their own. You would have no protection or safety against any thing of this matter if it wasn’t for the law.

Besides giving just safety, the law gives us equality. Equality is probably the most important thing that the law gives us because under the law, everyone is equal. A rich upper class man will be treated just the same as a poor lower class man in court of law. It gives us all an equality that you can not find any where else. As well, the law gives us all the same rights and freedoms according to the constitution. Everyone has an equal say in topics such as religion and you can not be treated differently because of it. The law protects us against discrimination of things like sexism, racism, and religion. A business can not fire you because of any of those reasons. The law protects us from such things. In addition, the laws give us all an equal start in life and we all have an equal ability to do things.

As well as providing safety and equality, the law provides consequences and punishments. There are several reasons for having these. If you could steal a persons car or kill a man and not be punished, then what kind of world would we live in. Why wouldn’t someone just steal something from a store anytime he wanted it instead of paying? We have consequences to these kind of actions because without them people would never stop. When you punish someone, such as send them to jail or fine them, they will definitely think twice before doing it again. It will also act as an example and warning to those who dare try to do the same. They, too, will be punished for breaking the law. They will build a fear for breaking the law, hopefully causing everyone to obey it. This, of course, is not the case but it does make you think twice before you speed on the road knowing that a $150 fine could be awaiting you around the corner.

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