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The good and the bad essay

June 2nd, 2010 No comments

The definition of good and bad can be divided into the good and the bad. Every person lives by their own ideals of what is “good” and what they think is “bad.” One ideal example of the moral vs. immoral viewpoint is outlined by the Good Samaritan Law. This law offers immunity from liability for a person if they choose to assist another in an emergency. In order for me to have come to the decision that the law ought to require people to be Good Samaritans, there were many important factors and philosophers to contemplate.

One significant deciding factor is the purpose of the law. The general basis/purpose of the law is to classify the rules of jurisprudence in their correct order, show their relation between one another, and settle the manner that new or uncertain cases should be brought under appropriate rules. There are three stances one may take in what they consider the purpose of the law to be. One may believe in legal positivism, where law is dependent upon government for its existence. Another is the idea that law reflects the beliefs of the majority. The third is the idea of true law; can law only happen if there are sanctions and is there such a thing as true law where law does not base itself on an agency or government? Legislating laws evaluates existing standards; they can be changed and/or repealed. Read more…