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Research Paper on Legal Consequences of Plagiarism

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thief illustrationWhen the question is about the plagiarism consequences, they can be professional, personal, legal and ethical. When assigned with the task to complete a research paper about the consequences of plagiarism, make sure to focus on each type of plagiarism within the body of the project.

When working on the introductive section, remember that it should not exceed two pages. The purpose of this segment of the paper is to inform your readers on the rationale behind the project, with the intention to later expand on it. Thus, your reader will have an opportunity to understand as well as appreciate all of your objectives.

This is the time, when you’re supposed to be working on the body of the research paper. Begin your research paper with the statement that plagiarists can include not only students, but also experienced professionals, academics, journalists, authors and many others. However, with the special plagiarism detection systems that are nowadays available for free use, all plagiarists can be caught at an alarming rate.

Start investigating the consequences of plagiarism, one after another. The very first legal consequence of plagiarism is destroyed student’s reputation. Once the student is accused of plagiarism, he can be suspended or even expelled. Plagiarism allegations can probably cause the student to switch from one college to the other. The thing is that colleges, high schools and the other educational establishments are very strict when the question related to plagiarism. A lot of schools make sure to suspend students for the very first violation.

Make sure to mention that not only student’s reputation, but also the name of a business person can be blackened. A public figure may face with the fact that plagiarism will be there in his or her career for good. Include the possible consequences for the representatives of business area. These may be getting fired from the present position as well as problems with finding a new respectable job.

The other type or legal consequences of plagiarism are related to the completely destroyed academic reputation.  Once the academic career is scarred with any kind of plagiarism allegations, it may be ruined. Taking into account that publishing is an integral part of a successful academic career, make sure to search for the famous persons who have lost the ability to publish due to the plagiarism allegations.

The other chapter of the research paper on the topic should include legal percussions of plagiarism. They can be pretty serious. Make sure to state that people are not allowed to use another person’s written material without proper reference or citation. Search for the related laws to support your statements.

A highly egregious type of plagiarism that should be mentioned within the paper is the plagiarized research. In case the research is performed within the medical area, the plagiarism consequences can mean the loss of lives of the others.

Before you write the research paper about the plagiarism consequences, make sure to learn about plagiarism itself. Find out what exactly constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Corruption Essay Sample: Corruption – One of the Wicked Sins

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There’s no doubt that nowadays corruption is one of the most undesirable sins that is here and there like a silent monster waiting for mere mortals. This is what the majority of people consider to be God of modern society. It is not an exaggeration to say that corruption has not only led to the poor law, but also caused such unpleasant things like poverty and general society disability. In other words, all the values related to morality have been destroyed by this evil power. But what is even worse – corruption is still growing every single day in huge proportions and there is no sphere in politics, economics or society that is free from it. It seems like it is an integral part of an everyday life and simply inseparable…

Under every stone we pick up, behind every closed door – corruption can be seen everywhere. Thus, it is a shame that we accept and for some unknown reason deny thinking that it’s a part of our selves already.

It’s not a secret that human beings’ souls are full of various temptations. That’s our nature, after all. And in fact, cash and shiny gold is a sort of a bait for all those officials and politicians, who can’t imagine their everyday lives without bribes any way. They are simply in need of something in order to get rid of that itching on the hands. However, the stink lies in the very hypocrisy that usually accompanies it.

There’s nothing more disheartening than when an absolutely corrupted individual is talking about high moral standards after taking a huge bribe and is trying to make people live in accordance with the ideologies and principles of Jesus Christ, and always remain honest. However, all the politicians, ministers and officials do exactly the same. They have a solid belief that it’s how our life is arranged and their routine is simply impossible without the incurable disease called ‘corruption’.

It’s so sad that just like some evil character from the book, corruption is getting into every aspect of our life. There are more and more greed addicts that exert every effort in order to push humanity into a decadence era. Every member of our society nowadays – be it a judiciary individual or a government representative – all are longing for personal profits.

Only energetic youth can be that huge power that can actually destroy the corruption. It has enough will and strength to attach with full force the government that is feeding this ‘tumor’. Without a doubt, it is the right time to bring the positive reforms out, so that every society member not only dream but also does his best in order to develop the world that is not only a good place to live but also absolutely free from corruption.

Police Brutality Essay: Is It Possible to Fight Police Brutality?

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Recently there have been a great number of controversies regarding the cops who happened to be involved in dirty cases related to killing innocent Afro Americans or teenagers. Here and there – everywhere on the globe one can see how brutally the representatives of the law interact with the members of the society and how unfair it is that more often than not they remain unpunished. How to fight police brutality? Is there any chance to stand against the injustice? There is.

Do not hesitate to protest

City halls, police stations and all the other venues of the government should be marched on also protested against every time there is a case related to the brutality of the policemen.

 Recording the police is a must-to-do

The individuals must use their cameras every time the policemen harass them to them in the act. After that one may make use of the web and various media in order to expose these actions all over the globe. What we need to do is to fallow the police with a camera and record their actions. Due to the fact that the cameras are really cheap now, everyone can afford buying them, which means it is a lot easier to hold the policemen accountable for what they dare doing.

Vote out the representatives of the government who do not mind policemen brutality

Every politician, who condones police brutality, should be immediately vote out of his position. His office is not the place, where he should wear out his pair of pants. This is where he should focus on documenting police brutality. People must have a strong voice in their own country and make use of that voice to handle the problems in every community.

Interacting with police is crucial

It is highly recommended to use moderate police organizations in order to engage in dialogue with police to avoid brutality. The groups that focus on these activities have already done a lot to fight police brutality. And we all must collaborate with them as an intermediary to handle various community issues related to police.

We should take legal actions against brutal policemen

We have the right to take legal actions against police. The best way to fight the brutality of the policemen is only through hitting them directly in the pocket. The point is that if the policemen go on getting sued for their brutal actions again and again, they will be finally forced to face with the issue. That is why it is highly important to report every incident related to the police brutality to the media or the representatives of the government.

To come to the point, we all pay taxes and it means that we add it up to the police salaries. And what it comes down to is that policemen must serve the community, protect it and meet its demands. And as for us, it is not enough to get angry at policemen. We must take a step from anger to actions in order to stop all the cruelty in the future.

How to Write a Case Study on Intellectual Property

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intellectual propertyThere are many types of case studies. Moreover, there are also many different uses for writing the case studies, from stating the corporate proof points to the purposes of academic research. As for the intellectual property, it usually refers to the various mind creations, such as inventions, designs, artistic and literary works, etc. There are up to four types of case studies: cumulative that is related to the collective information comparisons; illustrative that is about the events descriptions; critical that is about examining a particular subject with the cause and effect outcomes; exploratory type. Before you finally get to the writing process, make certain to define what kind of case study you’re going to work on. Thereafter, you will have several steps to make to deliver the case study on intellectual property.

When you’re done with the angle of the case study research, determine the project study. What will your research be about? What have you discussed in the class? Choose a specific problem in the intellectual property field. Are you writing about the types of intellectual property? Narrow down your topic to a more specific one, such as industrial design, geographical indications and many others.

Look for the case studies that have been created on the same topic. Approach your college tutors, visit local library, search on the web till you find what you’re in need of. In other words, make sure your case study does not appear as the replacement for the research that has been already performed. For instance, if you decide to focus your case study on the intellectual property rights, ensure to concentrate your research on a particular geographical region.

Provide the summary or brief intro to the project with an emphasis on the problem. This section will enlighten your reader on the reasons why he/she should dig further into the case study.

You would be surprised to know that there is a so-called once-upon-a-time section in the case study. That’s what they call a “backstory”. In this part you, as the leader of the project, provide an intro to the case study key players – your client and yourself – as well as all the respective viewpoints. When doing that, keep in mind that how you describe this relationship will make it faster and simpler for the readers to imagine themselves in the same relationship with you.

When the question is about the case study problem, this is actually the easiest part. Describe the case problem you would like to solve. For instance, suppose you interviewed a writer and he told you he thought more individuals should be concerned about an intellectual property in electronic world, and he cannot understand why they do not care. This may be the stage for the case study.

Are you ready for the solution part? Tell your readers what you did. This is when one can show his/her strategic prowess, as well as the technical capabilities and your style.

And as you’re getting closer to the outcome of the case study, take your time to ponder over the results. What were they? Have you succeed in building a new audience? Have you managed to inform the community about the particular aspects of intellectual property? Excellent! Now, data, please.

Legalization of Same-Sex Marriages Essay

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gay marriageWhile a lot of people nowadays tend to shout here and there about the importance of the same sex marriages legalization, it is highly important to stop for a moment and ask ourselves – should the same-sex couples be provided with an opportunity to get married?

There are two basic reasons why legal responsibilities, rights and benefits of a civil marriage shouldn’t be extended to the gay couples.  First of all, these people cannot get married since the relationship they have cannot be called “marriage”. In other words, they don’t fit into what we call the minimum required condition for a typical marriage to exist – i.e. the union of a woman and a man.  And the second point is related to the fact that these relationships are of a harmful nature. What is more, they bring more negative consequences to the society. So, what are the key reasons why the legalization of same-sex marriages should be put off for good?

Same-Sex Marriages Violate the Law of Nature

When we talk about the marriage, the matter does not relate to the relationship between people only. It’s the relationship that is governed by the natural law.  The latter is applied to every human being. According to Saint Paul in Rom. 2:14-15, “the natural law is inscribed on the heart of every man”.

Gay Marriage Creates a Sterile Union

Individuals, who are engaged in same-sex marriages, prevent the birth of children since they compose a so-called “sterile” union. In case one of the partners wants to have a child, he or she should employ a surrogate mother. The natural tendency of this kind of relationship isn’t to “give birth” to new families. Thus, we cannot call it a true marriage as well as give it the benefits of traditional family.

Gay Relationships Offend God

This is probably the most significant reasons above all mentioned above. When a human being violates the moral order of life that was created by almighty God, he or she offends our Creator. Same-sex unions do that. In other words, any person, who loves God, must be against the gay relationships.

Marriage was created for Eve and Adam by God in paradise. The Book of Genesis says the following: “G?d cre?ted m?n in His im?ge; in the Divine im?ge he cre?ted him; m?le and fem?le He cre?ted them. G?d bl?ssed them, s?ying: ‘Be fertile and multiply; fill the e?rth and subdu? it.’” (Gen. 1:28-29)

And finally, the legalization of same-sex marriages imposes its acceptance on the whole community. With the new order and law peculiarities, the public schools are required to teach the acceptance of the gay relationship to kids, while the official establishments will have to punish anyone, who turns to be against it. In any situation, the legalization of same-sex marriages will affect society, which means a lot of people will have to betray their consciences and beliefs and will be faced with the necessity to act against the natural law.

How to write a perfect law paper?

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Law papers are just like all the other papers. Their components consist of the introduction, the main body and then conclusion. The thing which differentiates them from other papers is that you need to have considerable knowledge of law for writing them. Different law school papers are written on different topics assigned by the schools to the students.

When a law essay is assigned to you, you will be asked to answer different questions. You have to make sure that you answer all the questions in a perfect manner. Maintain the sequence and give all the answers with perfect evidences and explanations.

By answering the questions, it does not solely mean that you just have to write the answer. Besides, you have to justify your answers with proper justifications. For giving out accurate justifications, you need to have perfect knowledge of law and order. This way, you will be able to incorporate references of law in your law papers. This will create a good impression of your knowledge on the reader. Plus, the information will be accurate if you mention the clauses and article numbers in your paper.

You can take good help from law books as well. Keep all the relevant and required law books with you so that you are able to write the most authentic information in your law school paper.

In addition, the paper must be exceptionally well written with good English. It must be easily read by the readers and must be easy enough to understand.

Writing a law essay is no more difficult because different guidelines are available on the internet these days. You can easily get more than enough information regarding writing essays on law through internet. Also, the aforementioned ideas can greatly help you out in writing perfect law papers.

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How you can choose the topics for Business Law Papers?

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It is a fact that many students across the globe find it very hard to write term papers. This is particularly true for law students who lack the necessary writing skills, time and experience. To the contrary, writing business law papers should be very easy considering the fact that the legal sphere has many categories including business criminal law paper topics that you can write about. You can also choose to write on such other topics as insurance legislations and company incorporation among other topics.

Although there are several topics you can write on, there are certainly those that are not only popular but also very interesting to write about and contract law is just one of them. One of the most interesting contract law sub topics you can choose to work on is breach of contract. It is interesting considering the fact that it gives you the opportunity to cite and bring out peculiarities on some of the re-known suits that have in the past been filed in courts of law.

One of the most attractive business criminal law paper topics you can choose to write on is intellectual property law. Its attractiveness stems from the fact that it is one of the most common areas in business legal circles. Furthermore, it is an international law that lets you address such issues as trademark infringement, copyright law and trade secrets amongst others.

Tort law is part of business law that you may also consider writing on. Like other categories of business law, there are varied topics you can write about. Such include workplace injuries and workplace pollution among other sub-topics. Like with writing other business law papers, writing about Tort law give you the opportunity to make use of some of the re-known sites.

Generally, there are very many business criminal law paper topics that you can write on for your term paper. Unlike other fields, writing on business law should never be boring or difficult.

Business law papers

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The law students just become anxious on hearing the term ‘business law papers’. If you are planning to write research papers, there are so many things that need to be kept in mind. The most difficult part of writing business law papers is to choose the right topic that will fetch more scores in the final exam. At certain times, you would have selected a wonderful topic that will captivate the interest of those who would evaluate the research papers. But you might not be having enough knowledge to handle a specific topic.

Writing a paper on law is surely a mammoth task. Even those who have in-depth knowledge on the subject might not be able to present a good research article. Some people have the wrong notion that a good educational qualification and experience in the field of law is sufficient to prepare the research articles. This is not true. Writing business law research paper involves skills that are different from knowledge based talk shows.

Many people try to prepare thesis on contract law. The different impacts caused by the breach of contract on business can be studied and presented in the form of a research work. Another area that can be dealt in detail is the intellectual property law. More information can be collected on copyright laws and trade mark infringement. There have been so many cases that are related to these topics. If all these lawsuits are studied in detail, you will be gaining more ideas to select innovative topics, that might captivate the attention of the evaluator. Thus selection of topics seems to occupy the major time for the thesis work. After this process is completed, you can embark on the actual task. Ideas will start pouring down once you look out for data from previous case studies.

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Law papers – tips for writing

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Law papers need some requirements which need to be fulfilled while writing them. A good paper on law must contain an introduction, the main body and the conclusion. These three are the minimum requirements of law papers.

How to plan or structure your paper?

As mentioned above, you will have to incorporate an introduction, a main body and a conclusion in a paper. Then, you need to see the question that needs to be answered in the paper. Different law school paper topics can be assigned to you to write your papers on law. Therefore, you must answer them accordingly. See what the question is requiring from you to get answered in a complete way, and then start working on it according to its requirements.

For answering law school paper topics, you need to have considerable knowledge of the entire law. You must know the cases in which there is a breach of contract and you must know what law is relative to which Articles of law. You need to give good references of Sections and Acts which have been defined the respective law of the state.

Give accurate evidences of all the questions which require your answers. By taking the references of the law rules, you can easily state the evidences. For giving good references, you need to have good reading material of law. Keep considerable law books with you and continue the habit of reading. This will add knowledge to your work, and you will be able to write quality essays of law.

In addition, the papers on law must be well written, should have good and easily understandable vocabulary and must be easy to read. They must be written in an accurate manner in order to answer the questions of law in an adequate manner.

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Find Effective Law Term Paper To Get the Best Results

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If you are having a law term paper, you can get help from a sample paper as these papers are made for the guidance of the students. They are more effective for those who are appearing for the first time in the examination. You can easily find them by searching on the internet. You can find international law paper just similar to yours. They are helpful specifically for you, as they can be useful for building your concepts.

Never give wrong impression about those sample international law paper as these papers belong to you. You would be charged of plagiarism. Along with the answering to law, you might get failed in the subject and will be known as a cheater. It will surely not give good notion to your classmates and teachers. You can only use them in the form of inspiration or guidance. These papers are formulated just to give an idea that how your law term paper looks like.

Since you will find numbers of samples while searching on the internet, you must ensure that whether you are looking for an impressive and helpful paper or not. You can check the quality of your papers simply by looking at the introduction, hypothesis and reference pages. It must be structured well and consistent. The thesis statements that are given in the starting of the paper must be mentioned in conclusion.

If you are looking for the business law paper topics just list down all the references and then sort them according to the diversions in them. Take care that you have checked the bibliography and indexes of those references so that you can get better idea of the chosen topics for your exams. Check your teachers’ previous papers in order to get better understanding about the format of law papers.