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Essay on Organized Crime

February 25th, 2011 No comments

Organized crime consists of large-scale activities by groups of gangsters or racketeers. Such groups are often called the “crime syndicate or the underworld.” Organized crime specializes in providing illegal goods and services. Its activities include gambling, prostitution, the illegal sale of drugs, and loaning money at extremely high rates of interest. Many of these activities are often called “victimless crimes” because both the buyer and the seller take part in them willingly. Most activities of the crime syndicate are not reported to the police. People who use the illegal services try to avoid the police because they do not want to be associated with that kind of people.

When the crime syndicate invades a legitimate business or labor union, it uses terror, blackmail, and other methods to keep people from going to the police. Read more…

Criminal Law Essay

November 2nd, 2009 No comments

Your criminal law essay must demonstrate your ability to use critical thinking and establish research parameters that meet the requirements of your assignments. Each essay you develop will be an application of the current course topics, but need to further develop the ideas that you have learned and apply them to real-life situations. Most courses may be difficult in that they will require a great deal of research for your essays; however, the key to keeping your research applicable is to carefully review sources and establish the topic sentence you hope to demonstrate with your work.

Every student struggles with grammar and spelling to some degree, particularly in the first few years of college. You should enable your MS Word to review grammar and spelling, and even to tell you what grade level your essay is written at for review of progress in writing skills. While writing your paper, you can also explore the thesaurus function and practice using words that give your paper a professional appearance with minor changes. Remember that too many large words can make the paper difficult to read and that when using the thesaurus you may encounter words that are not descriptive of the purpose you applied them to – such as replacing demonstrate with validate.

After writing your Criminal Law paper, take time to read your paper aloud or have a friend read it to determine if the paper makes sense. A clearly written paper will be read much more easily for content and allow your teacher to see how effective your research and application of course concepts were established in your paper. Most of the editing should occur at least 24 hours after you have written the paper as this will give you a “fresh” read and make finding errors successful.