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5 Crimes That 80% of Students Commit and Have to Answer For

January 28th, 2018

According to the Pew Research Center, the majority of crimes committed on the territory of the US are unreported. We’re talking here about not only some petty theft, but about murders as well. What is more, most of the crimes, that registered, go unsolved. If you think that this is an awful situation and, as a law student, criticize the work of the police, that’s a bit hypocritical because you might be also the one adding some small crimes to the pile.

The thing is that you may not even realize that you do something wrong because, in your circle of friends, family, and acquaintances, it is not considered as an action against the law. But the offenses that we are going to talk about have legal consequences in some states, and it already means that they are not harmless. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

1.  Plagiarism

Even if you don’t know what that is (what we doubt very much), you know what they say – ignorance of the law is no excuse. Even if you do it accidentally, nobody will waste time determining whether it was by mistake or by intent. If you get caught using someone else’s work as yours, you can face suspension, detention or even expulsion. So, in the future, be careful with what you “borrow” from others.

2.  Using Pirate Film or Music Copies

Yes, there are websites that offer free songs, movies, books, etc. But it is a direct breach of the copyright law! You may think that this is not a very serious offense. Well, you will not get life imprisonment for downloading several songs, but think about its severity when you will be bound to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars as a penalty.

3.  Libel on Social Networks

Remember about large sums of money again when you want to exaggerate some pieces of information, let’s say, in a tweet. If this message damages someone’s reputation, you can be sued.

4.  Bullying

Some American states have clear laws to control bullying. But even if the rest don’t, it doesn’t mean that bullying cases go unpunishable. They can be considered as physical assaults, sexual harassments or any other offenses that have serious consequences in terms of the civil and criminal law.

5.  Hazing

Hazing is an act of mental or physical abuse, harassment or humiliation done with a purpose of initiating an individual into a group. It happens very often in colleges and universities when students join sororities and fraternities. Already 6 states in the US have adopted laws against hazing. Others either define and consider it a misdemeanor, or require that educational institutions establish certain policies of handling it. Only Montana, Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii have no regulations on that account.

If you have never considered the behavior that includes these actions a crime, it is time to start. Or else, there can be serious legal consequences. And you wouldn’t want them, would you?

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