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8 FB Pages for Law Students to Get Useful Info Every Day

January 10th, 2018

Let’s be honest: you spend on Facebook more time than you should, especially if you’re a law student who must spend it on learning instead. But the situation can surely be changed – you can turn hours of surfing the FB feed into an insightful and useful for studies experience. How? Subscribe to specialized pages in your social network account and enjoy yourself while combining pleasure and use. Here we’ve prepared 8 Facebook pages that you should like to be always on the know about the latest news and changes in the law world!

1.  Law Society Gazette

If you’re hunting for the latest news helpful for barristers, solicitors, associates or any other kinds of legal professions, follow this page. It posts useful bits of information several times a day, so you won’t feel shortage of the new data.

2.  ABA for Law Students

This is a perfect resource for those who look for complex subjects explained, some internship opportunities or updates from the legal world every law student should know. Like the page and find out how to boost your legal career.

3.  Bloomberg Law for Law Students

This resource will provide you with the filtrated news that is tightly connected with law students. Which college is better to enroll in? Which legal specializations are a hype right now? How much money should you save for your studies?

4.  Building a Better Legal Profession

If you are a fresh graduate or close to becoming one, you need to think about your career. And BBLP is a great helper in this matter. It delivers rankings of law firms based on pro bono cases, gender, layoffs, and racial diversity. With this information, you can make the right choice.

5.  Legal Talk Network

This page is a top-notch provider of podcasts hosted by leading attorneys and law representatives. Listen to the prime experts and influencers to keep the tabs on the most widespread legal opinions and assumptions.

6.  The National Law Review

The National Law Review is a business that helps different entrepreneurs or law workers analyze legal issues and provides them with authentic research they may need. In Facebook, the National Law review posts open access materials from their online edition for people who conduct secondary research.

7.  Law School Memes

And what kind of student life can be without fun? This hilarious page has plenty of memes to share with your college fellows – the only people who will understand true law jokes ?

8.  Suits

For a special treat, we’ve prepared the fan page of the TV show that you have 100% watched (and maybe not once). There, you can spot Harvey Specter’s famous phrases, best moments in different episodes or just interesting tidbits of info in order to enjoy your profession choice to the maximum.

We bet, you’ve had no idea you can use a social network like that. Follow all these Facebook pages starting from now and be a truly efficient law student!

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