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Law Research Paper Topics

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Writing Law research papers on different topics related Law studies is a very popular activity among college and university students and their professors. There are thousands of Law research paper topics to be found in the global network. Free resources can offer a great variety of good Law research paper topics, but it is still difficult to find interesting topics for writing an effective research paper for Law classes.

Here’s is a list of the most popular Law research topics to be properly used in writing your research paper:

  • European Supremacy Law
  • Comparative Law
  • Competition Law
  • Employment Law
  • Company Law
  • Business Law
  • International Law
  • The Conflict of Divine Law and Human Law
  • Philosophy of Law
  • History of Law
  • Should pornography be limited by law?
  • Should laws regarding minimum wage be revised?
  • Should genetic engineering be restricted by law?
  • Should academic freedom for students and teachers be limited by law?
  • What types of smoking regulations in public places should the legal system impose?
  • Does the American justice system need reform to ensure that criminals are properly punished?
  • To what extent should advertising aimed at children be limited by law?
  • Should abortion be either banned or regulated be law?
  • Should violence and sex on television or in the movies be limited or restricted?
  • Should “victimless crimes” such as prostitution and other sexual activity between consenting adults be free from governmental interference?

We hope this list of the best Law research paper topics will help you with writing a good Law research paper assigned in your high school, college or university. Feel free to pick up one of these topics to prepare an excellent academic paper.

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