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9 Cunning Reasons That Make Some Students Commit a Crime

November 10th, 2017

students commit crimes Being young is a very exciting time period in our life. You are so overly energetic, inspired, brave, funny, and full of beliefs that you are able to do anything you wish. This is an important period when we become adults, acquire experience, and begin to understand the main rules and tendencies. Unfortunately, this is the period of multiple misfortunes, disappointments, and mistakes.

One of the greatest mistakes that could be possibly done by any student is to commit a crime. This will become a big black spot in your biography, which may follow you until the rest of your days. That is why it is utterly important to avoid any sort of crime. There are many ways to do that. It is also significant to figure out the reasons that push students to violate the law.

Here are some common factors that lead to law violations:

  1. The increase of the income. Most students don’t have huge budgets. Thus, they are forced to save money and spend it on different things that are associated with their learning. However, they wish to get some finer things or various kinds of entertainment. Consequently, they undergo robberies, selling illegal products or something of the kind to enrich their pockets.
  2. The showing-off. Some students may commit a crime to show how cool and harsh they are. This is a very bright example of how our occupation may affect us. At times, youngsters commit crimes for the pure fun.
  3. Peer group pressure. Our environment is one of the determining factors of our behavior. In most cases, an individual gets under a strong influence of his/her peers and will do different things just to remain in the company. There is a high proportion of young people who are unsupervised by parents and state. Oftentimes, they become criminals.
  4. Parental criminality. Another reason derives from a criminal parent or both of them. Children commonly imitate the behavior of their parents.
  5. Family issues. Serious family conflicts, poor parental discipline, and supervision are other contributors to inappropriate behavior and growing up of children.
  6. Low family income. Multiple studies prove that children from families with low income are predisposed to become criminals.
  7. Social isolation. One should consider the alienation from society. Lonely people feel abandoned and don’t wish to follow any rules and restrictions.
  8. Drug or alcohol misuse. The use of forbidden and harmful substances is the enemy of any society and makes young people undertake criminal actions.
  9. Mental diseases. Some students suffer from different psychological ailments, which negatively affect their behavior.

Mind that this is not the full list. It describes only some common reasons. Nevertheless, there are much more of them.

At any rate, you should remember that your youth will not last forever. Therefore, spend it with pleasure and reason. Do not waste this marvelous time on fatal errors.

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