How to Calculate GPA and Waste As Less Time As Possible

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The Formula

The first option is to use a formula to calculate your GPA. You will have to assign each letter grade a number of points. For example, ‘A’ would equal 4 points, ‘B’ would equal 3 points, and so on. Then you add all of them up (check Best Custom Writing Services ). Take the sum and divide that … Read more

5 Crimes That 80% of Students Commit and Have to Answer For

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According to the Pew Research Center, the majority of crimes committed on the territory of the US are unreported. We’re talking here about not only some petty theft, but about murders as well. What is more, most of the crimes, that registered, go unsolved. If you think that this is an awful situation and, as a law student, criticize the … Read more

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Sample Essay on Vested Interests: Why Do People Use Their Ranks?

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It sometimes seems that everything in our world is based on vested interests. And no matter how unfair it turns out to be for one group of people, the rest gain a great deal of benefits interacting with the society on such basis. That’s why it is important to know what vested interests are, especially for students, for whom this Read more

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Sample Essay on Corruption: What Are the Main Causes?

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According to 2017 Global Corruption Barometer, every 4th person in the world has passed money under the table while using public services during this year. We suppose that this is a solid reason for students to research the question of corruption in an essay, and our sample will help them with that.

Each person can be faced with … Read more

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8 FB Pages for Law Students to Get Useful Info Every Day

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Let’s be honest: you spend on Facebook more time than you should, especially if you’re a law student who must spend it on learning instead. But the situation can surely be changed – you can turn hours of surfing the FB feed into an insightful and useful for studies experience. How? Subscribe to specialized pages in your social network account … Read more

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Sample Essay on the Great Britain’s Recipe for Success

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kingdom great britainThis article is important because it takes into consideration the historical events that have shaped Britain into the country that it is today. The information is taken from a handful of sources to help provide an overview and understanding of the country.

Britain is a powerful country and is viewed as among the best places in the world to live. … Read more

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Sample Essay on Catalonia’s Independence: What Do They Really Strive For?

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catalonia’s independenceThis article is important because it describes a complex, current event that affects many people. Although most of those involved have strong feelings one way or another in regards to Catalonia’s independence, it is important to understand the issues and facts affecting the crisis in the region.

The eyes of the world have been focused on Catalonia and Spain since … Read more

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4 Types of Government Administrators Who Rule the Leading Countries

December 16th, 2017 Comments off

leading countriesThe world that we live in depends on its leaders. They make crucial decisions for the people whom they govern. Although most bodies of people do have leaders, there is a range of differences in their responsibilities and power. The means by which leaders come into power vary greatly. Regardless of their title, the citizens whom the rulers preside over … Read more

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5 Catchy Ideas for Your College Papers on Fields of Human Rights

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collegeAs a worker or job-seeker in the United States, you are entitled to certain rights that protect you from unfair practices. Although these laws are in place, not every employer follows them. Some employers who lack integrity will try to take advantage of your ignorance of the law. The more knowledgeable you are about your rights as a worker, the … Read more

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Sample Essay on Addictive Substances: Is the Permission a Good Idea Towards College Young Adults?

November 27th, 2017 Comments off

good idea The issue of drugs is one of the most widely spread and most frequently disputed social and health problems throughout the world. It is understood that there are different kinds of drugs. Some of them were created to help combat different types of health deviations. However, there is the dark side of this matter. Many manufacturers produce illegal drugs, which … Read more

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